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Veg Kurkure, A lip smacking starter

Have you ever wondered if vegetables can be presented in an exciting yet subtle way? Can veggies be crispy yet spicy? Well, here we are speaking about a dish that is just like what we have described previously. It is the famous and our favorite Veg Kurkure.

Veg Kurkure is not just a dish that gets in the crunch factor in the meal; it is that starter that makes you fall in love with different veggies you probably might have avoided earlier. This dish is an experiment that has rewarded us with more and more love from you guys. The mixed vegetables and the cottage cheese are marinated along with some of the refined Indian spices that have ruled our hearts for centuries now. We cannot blame our spices and its flavors for how well it gets along with something as foreign as the cottage cheese. To add the finishing touch, These marinated veggies are topped with the crispy covering. In fact, this crispy covering is solely responsible for the other half of dish name “Kurkure”.

All we want you to do is to seize the plate of warm mixed veggies’ Kurkure starter and get started to go into the world that only the foodies understand. We are quite sure that you would not want to come out of this magical experience.

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